Free Concetrate128 Cleaning Sample Worldwide

Concentrate128 is a powerful, peroxide cleaning solution that is biodegradable and Green-Seal certified. It Cleans any Surface not Harmed by Water – from Windows to Floors. It is Highly Concentrated. You Dilute it yourself. It can be used in Spray Bottles, Mop Buckets, Carpet Extractors etc.

Oxygen cleaners are a group of chemicals that primarily use hydrogen peroxide as an agent. When hydrogen peroxide reacts with a substance – such as dirt or grease- it releases an oxygen molecule and the energy from this reaction breaks down or “oxidizes” the soils. The net chemical result is water and oxygen. Therefore hydrogen peroxide is instantly 100% biodegradable. Hydrogen peroxide also has well-known disinfecting and deodorizing properties.

Switching over to oxygen cleaners like Concetrate128 is a great idea when you are searching for safe, environmentally preferable products.



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