FREE Sample Pack of Honey Crystal Sweetener is offering FREE sample pack of Honey Crystal sweetener. Honey is wonderful for baking. It’s a natural sweetener with its own delicate flavor and it is also hygroscopic, that is, it attracts moisture rather than drying out. So honey helps keep pastries and breads moist and makes them last longer. Use these honey crystals rather than liquid honey. It’s convenient, it’s not messy, and you can substitute honey crystals for all or part of the sugar without making adjustments in the liquids in the recipe as you must with honey. They are made with dehydrated honey and refinery syrup. These honey crystals are good enough to eat plain. Try them in your baking, sprinkle a little on ice cream, substitute honey for brown sugar in your streusel muffin recipe for honey streusel muffins. You’ll find lots of uses for these natural honey crystals.


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