Free Travel Brochures Guide for Switzerland Tourism is offering 12 FREE brochure. Planning to visit Switzerland get free brochures from Switzerland Tourism.. Find all information for your vacation, your holidays in Switzerland. Book hotels, apartments, Places, Restaurant and more to plan your travel.

What these brochure tell you?

  • Brief summary of the setting, with highlights of important places
  • Location, including a map
  • Geography
  • Major cities, Well-known places
  • Historic Sites and Landmarks
  • Recreation and Outdoor Activities—parks, sports, water
  • Entertainment
  • Climate and overall weather conditions
  • Transportation
  • Arts and Culture, including museums, theaters, places to visit
  • Languages and Local Dialect
  • Food that the area is known for
  • Pictures/Graphics
  • Additional Information


  • Visit Here Offer Page
  • Click on select any Brochures of your choice
  • Now click on “Order Brochures
  • Fill in your shipping detials
  • Click on Submit box


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