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Participate in the Revital Contest and Win Salman Khan goodies!

Posted by on July,29,2013

#Guess It If You Know It‬ Contest: Participatein the Revital Contest and Win Gift Voucher, Revital, Sunglasses.

Revital And here is the ‪#‎GuessItIfYouKnowIt‬ Contest!
Answer these simple questions and win Salman Khan goodies!

1) Complete the sentence: Revital, Jiyo ________
2) Unscramble the word NIGSNGE
3) For how many years has Salman Khan been taking Revital?
4) Complete the dialogue & movie-
Sawaan – The ___________
Maine jo ek baar commitment kar di uske baad ________


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  1. Revital, Jiyo Jee Bhar Ke
  2. Ginseng
  3. 15 Years
  4. Sawaan – The Love Season
  5. Maine jo ek baar commitment kar di uske baad Mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta


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