Get FREE Samples of CD and DVD from The Light Party is offering when you subscribe to the Light Party newsletter you will get A Free CD and DVD. The Light Party is a wholistic, proactive, educational new political paradigm party dedicated to “Health Peace and Freedom For All”.

The Light Party Platform is a synthesis of the finest elements of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties. We have formulated a practical, synergistic 7-point program which addresses and serves to resolve our current socioeconomic and ecological challenges. We urge you now to educate, support and align yourself with The Light Party, our progressive and inspired programs and policies!
The only thing we need is your nane and email address If you wish to receive information in the mail (cards about future events, free CDs, etc…) then fill this information out on the next page after you submit this form.

light party free cd dvd sample


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