Lose Weight naturally 4-5Kg at Home in a month at Sanovide

Are you Looking for Overweight? Sanovide’s Sano-Slimix kit is weight management program, is a unique offering which not only helps in weight loss but also in leading a healthier life. It is completely customized program – the diet and the Sano-Slimix kit are suggested according to your body profile called prakriti (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha). Sano-Slimix kit will help you eat better and healthier according to your own body type.


  • Program is very easy to implement
  • The kit and the diet program does not effect your day to day schedule
  • We deliver the product to your doorstep
  • Expertise from well known Ayurvedic Doctor & Nutrition expert
  • Vast experience and commitment of our team, which includes dieticians & doctors
  • Mixture of modern scientific research and ancient Indian science

Lose Weight Naturally at home. Customized kit as per your need, One month supply of healthy Food and Diet Plan with an assigned dietitian. Fill the form to get 50% off on Sano Slimix Program at just Rs 2499.

lose weight sand slimix kit

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