Videocon Ka Saath Shah Rukh Khan Se Mulaqat Contest

Get a chance to MEET Shah Rukh Khan..Grab this opportunity and make your dream come true with this exciting Videocon Quiz contest. Simply participate by liking facebook page. Videocon makes your dream come true! Show your love for Videocon in SRK style and get a chance to be on the sets of Happy New Year.

videocon shahrukh contest


  1. This contest is valid for the Facebook users from January 27, 2014 till February 6, 2014 (12 midnight).
  2. Participation in the contest is voluntary and Participants are advised to read full “Terms and Conditions”. Participation in the contest shall imply that the participant has duly read and agreed to adhere to and is bound by the ‘Terms and Conditions’ stated herein.
  3. The contest is open to citizens of India, residing in India only. Citizens of foreign countries residing in India/ or non-residents Indians are not eligible to participate in the contest.
  4. Participants/visitors shall not use abusive or any unacceptable language for anyone in the contest. Videocon Industries Ltd. reserves the right to block the participants/visitors entry to the app and remove prior uploads.
  5. Videocon Industries Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify and/or ban any user if the user is found using manipulative/ unfair means to get votes.
  6. Videocon Industries Ltd. reserves the right to use images/data shared by participants in any communication related to the app.
  7. Winners will be announced on the basis of maximum scores. However, Videocon Industries Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify any participant / even winner if it has reasonable reasons to believe that the participant/winner has breached any of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the contest.
  8. Videocon Industries Ltd. shall not be liable for any damage or loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) arising from personal injury or death, or loss of, or damage to property, which might be suffered or sustained in connection with the offer or the prize, except to the extent to any liability not excluded by law.
  9. Videocon Industries Ltd. shall not be held responsible in any manner in the following circumstances (i) If offer is cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the Videocon Industries Ltd. or due to any force majeure circumstances. (ii) If the ticket(s)/event entry is not provided to the winner for reasons beyond Company’s control. (iii) If the shoot is cancelled or the actors are not present in the shoot.
  10. Any participant found to be copying or using any unauthorized or copyrighted image/text shall be immediately banned from the contest. Videocon Industries Ltd. is not liable for any copyright claims arising so forth.
  11. Videocon Industries Ltd. shall not be held responsible in any manner to anybody including any of the participants for the misuse of any image/ text during the contest.
  12. Videocon Industries Ltd. reserves the right to choose another participant/ winner in the event of disqualification/rejection of any of the participant/ winner.
  13. Videocon Industries Ltd. may, without advance notice cancel, suspend or postpone the contest at any time at its sole discretion.
  14. Winner shall be announced only after complete verification of details submitted by the participant.
  15. The winner of this contest shall be communicated the date of the meeting with Shah Rukh Khan on a later stage at Company’s discretion, and the said information shall be subject to availability of Shah Rukh Khan and shooting schedule and other factors.
  16. The number of winner(s)/Grand winner(s) shall be announced based on the feasibility as decided by Videocon Industries Ltd.
  17. All information entered by the customer for registration under this contest shall be subject to Privacy Policy of the company and said information may be used by the company for its brand promotion.
  18. The participant making entry in this contest give his/her consent to receive informatory/transactional SMS or phone calls relating to this contest and other promotional/commercial messages, from the company or its authorized person/entity for its brand promotion and further waives all his/her right to take any action against the company/its officials/authorized person or entity for receiving SMS or phone calls.
  19. The company shall make the necessary travel and lodging arrangements of the winner as per Videocon Industries Ltd.’s discretion, which shall not be objected by the winner at any time.
  20. The reward, cannot be exchanged, converted, transferred, assigned in favour of other, or combined with any goods, cash, person or scheme respectively in any circumstances.
  21. All taxes (FBT/TDS/VAT/Road Tax/ Registration/ Insurance/ Octroi/ Income Tax etc.) if any, shall be borne – by the winning participant.
  22. We may change these conditions from time to time without prior notice. It is the user’s responsibility to check regularly, in order to ascertain if any changes have been made to these Terms and Conditions.
  23. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Aurangabad (Maharashtra) only.
  24. The terms ‘contest’ and ‘application’ herein are used interchangeably.


  1. “VIDEOCON KA SAATH SHAH RUKH SE MULAQAT” (hereafter “Application”) is an interactive platform to which you may choose to use/access.
  2. The Application shall be hosted on our official Facebook page
  3. You may share your views, opinion in respect to the usage of this application on our Facebook Page.
  4. User details- Participants need to use their existing Facebook account to ‘sign in’ to access this application. Once they access our application, we will collate their personal details from their profile such as their user id, account name, phone number, email-id and profile image.
  5. Participant’s personal details, acquired through this application, shall be governed by Videocon Industries Ltd.’s Privacy Policy- as published on its website; privacy policy, as amended from time to time by Videocon Industries Ltd. without notice.
  6. We will keep your personal information strictly confidential and will not share it with any third party except when disclosure is required under any law/regulation in force. However, we may use your personal details for sending you promotional messages, e-mailers in respect of our marketing campaigns, product updates, new product launches, profile validation and result announcement etc. and by using this application you give your consent for receiving the same and you also undertake to waive your all legal rights available under any law against the company for sending such promotional material.
  7. By clicking ‘Agree’ button for using the Facebook Application, you agree that you have read all the terms and conditions and understood the same and have consented for the same for using the applications, however, if you do not consent for the same, please do not click ‘Agree’ button and click ‘Not Agreed’ and then you will not be able to use this application.
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