Book a Free Home Demo to Protect your Family with FireGuard

Use Eureka Forbes Fire Extinguishers Fireguard to protect your Business or Home from Fire Instantly. Book A FREE Demo Today! by simple registration process & Fireguard representative will call you and they will give you full information about fireguard with 21 year warranty.

Fireguard Fire Extinguisher is designed to control various types of fires including, electrical, gaseous, inflammable liquids etc. Its instant strike activation comes handy & prevents fire from spreading within moments. It is the protector of your home in true sense. So, Protect your family and prevent disaster.

EurekaForbes FireGuarrd Demo

Fireguard is incredibly easy to use:

  1. Hold by the handle, remove & discard the top protection cap
  2. Remove the cap from the lower end of the cylinder
  3. Strike the black tip with the inner part of the cap & let fireguard deal with the fire

why fireguard?
¤ Maintenance-free & requires no refilling for 21 years
¤ Eco-friendly as it is non-pressurised, non-toxic, biodegradable and leaves no residue
¤ Light weight fire extinguisher, so anyone can use it in an emergency
¤ Space-age patented technology makes it easy-to-use
¤ Douses a fire in 25 seconds and saves precious time

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