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Posted by on April,17,2014

Register to experience 30 minutes consultation of the Lakshya Account for Free!¬†Edelweiss Financial Planning gives you the opportunity to achieve your Financial Lakshya by offering you a free consultation. Everyone has a ‘financial lakshya’ in their entire life for various purpose. Some are lucky that they do not have to worry about their life goals. But if you’re not quite there yet, you need to create a plan to achieve your goals and aspirations. By registration Lakshya Account you can plan better for your life.

The process followed is quite simple, and is focused on:

  1. Defining your financial goals
  2. Understanding your risk profile
  3. Mapping your assets to your goals
  4. Creating a blueprint to achieve your goals
  5. Monitoring your progress towards your goals
  6. Executing financial transactions with our assistance
  7. Assurance of the right financial product recommendations at all times
  8. Access to your personal Financial counselor
  9. Choose financial products with utmost objectivity

edelweiss financial lakshya account

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