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After providing Free booklet for colour suggestions, painting tips, Free Home Guide Booklet for Waterproofing solution, Asian Paint has now come with an new offer where you may contact to Asian paint representative to know more information. You can also calculate painting budget, interior and exterior solutions color, themes and patterns and many more things.

asianpaint free expert

  • Visit Here Offer Page
  • Fill the basic details
  • Select – “When do you want to paint your home” ?
  • Click on Submit Button
  • A representative will contact you soon

Expert colour solutions, delivered at your doorstep
Say goodbye to indecision regarding the perfect colours and textures, for your home! Expertise is just a dial away! Invite our experts home, sit back in comfort and explore a world of colours and wall makeover ideas with the entire family. Our trained experts will dazzle you with unique colour & design solutions, especially tailor made for your home.

To get in touch with our experts SMSCCH‘ to 56161 or Call 1800 – 209 – 5678

asianpaint-banner-1A home is a like a treasure-chest of beautiful memories. Every time you smiled, every tear that you shed, every moment that made you – your home has witnessed it all. You hold your home close to your heart.

Choosing the right colour for your walls can make the difference between a dwelling and a home. While you’re spoilt for choice with our palette of shades, we will help you select the right one, so that you don’t have to settle for those boring whites.

Experts will visit your home, understand your unique décor style and preferences and pamper you with colour and design solutions specifically customized for your home.
Asian Paints have over 10000 satisfied customers across 13 cities!

You can book your appointment with experts from 10.00 am – 04.00 pm on any day of the week!


How to get an enhanced consultancy experience
It’s extremely easy to get an enhanced consultancy experience, by doing a few small things to be prepared with elements that will play a crucial role in the colour selection process

  • Our experts draw references from your existing décor, furniture elements, lighting and room size in order to give you customized colour solutions. It would be extremely helpful to be prepared with samples of your upholstery and furniture so that our experts know all they need, to give you customized recommendations!
  • Every member of the family has their own distinctive tastes and preferences. Colour selection can be an extremely exciting and involving process for the entire family and it helps to have everyone’s opinion at the time when you are making these decisions!
  • Reference images representing the theme or décor that you want to recreate will immensely help our experts to get a visual inspiration for colour and design solutions that they will then recreate for you!
  • The process of consultation, takes between 1.5 – 2 hours. You are requested to make yourself available at the appointed time and not schedule any other commitments for this duration.

Disclaimer: Please note, that we only take up consultancy appointments for sites, where the basic plastering work has been completed. We do not take up appointments for sites, that are currently still under construction.

Benefits: Hassle free service experience! Availing the consultancy@home service can be completed in a few simple steps!

  • Register online or SMS CCH to 56161 and have one of our customer associates call you back to book an appointment with one of our trained experts
  • Make a simple affordable payment starting Rs 1500 using any of the following payment options
  • Cheque
  • Credit/ Debit card using a swipe machine
  • Credit/ Debit card using our secure online payment portal
  • Be assisted by our experts in the comfort of your home and find all the answers you’re seeking about the perfect makeover solutions for your living space!

Expert Assistance for risk free experimentation!
Our experts are individuals with a degree/ diploma in interiors and design. We, at Asian Paints, have especially hand-picked and trained them to deliver colour solutions customized just for you! They will draw references from your existing décor, furniture elements, lighting and room size. Based on the overall understanding of the space and your requirements, they will then suggest wall colours and themes.
Insights into the latest colour trends!
Get all the insights and answers you need on the most recent and design trends and with the expert’s touch, turn your house into a home that mirrors your personality and lifestyle.
At Home service delivery!
Now, you don’t need to go seeking the professional… instead, have the professional come home to you and pamper you with the perfect makeover solution and at a surprisingly affordable cost!

What to Expect: What to expect at the end of the process ?
♦ Get an exclusive room-wise digital preview of your selected shades and textures. Get a sneak peek into how your home will transform post painting.

Disclaimer: The digital previews will be shown to you on pre-cut images already existing on our software. They will not be shown to you on images of your own home.

  • Get a Colour Prescription Form at the end of the consultancy process, with complete details about the shades and patterns chosen space-wise for your home. Now do away with the hassle of remembering shade names and codes! Just carry the Colour Prescription Form to your nearest dealer and beautify your home!
  • Now get an actual painted sample of your chosen colours and textures mailed to you for painting reference. Say goodbye to issues of shade mismatch, with the actual paint reference in your hands!
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