Pay your Bills using VISA Auto Pay & Get BookMyShow Voucher

This Offer is brought to you by Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited and Its open only to registered users of Visa Bill Pay service available at is offering Rs. 100 BookMyShow Vouchers when you make your online bill payments with Visa Bill Pay’s Auto Pay function. Offer valid till 31st October 2014. There are only 50,000 vouchers available to grab.

visa bookmyshow discount voucher

  • Visit Here Offer Page
  • Pay your Bill using Visa Bill Pay′s Auto Pay function till 31st October 2014 to get free Rs.100 BookMyShow voucher

Visa Bill Pay Offer – TERMS & CONDITIONS

  1. The Activation Program – Visa Bill Pay Offer is open to the Eligible Users only.
  2. The Offer will be held during the period from August 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014 (both dates included).
  3. During the Offer Period, based on the information available on Visa Bill Pay (, and the information as reported to Visa by its financial institution clients in India, Visa will identify the Eligible Users who meet the qualifying criteria described below: (a) Eligible Users who do bill payment transactions using the Auto Pay feature on Visa Bill Pay (each a “Qualifying Transaction”).
  4. In each month during the Offer Period: (a) Visa will select, from the Eligible Users that have met the eligibility criteria (as defined above) by doing a Qualifying Transaction. (b) All selections will be made based on the information available on the Visa Bill Pay website ( and the information as reported to Visa by its financial institution clients in India. (c) The qualifying Eligible Users accordingly will be entitled to a gift each under the Offer, which is a movie voucher, worth Rs. 100 for each instance of a Qualifying Transaction. Movie vouchers are issued by Messrs. BigTree Entertainment Private Limited and can be redeemed on the website when payment is made using a Visa card (“Voucher”). The maximum number of Vouchers, i.e. movie vouchers to be given by Visa to Eligible Users under this Offer for doing Qualifying Transactions during the Offer Period is 50,000. Once the said limit is reached, Visa will no longer give out any further Vouchers to Eligible Users for Qualifying Transactions.
  5. For each Eligible User who meets the qualifying criteria for a month, Visa or an agency engaged by Visa will provide the qualifying Eligible User via an email confirmation, no later than 30 days from the end of that month, the Voucher.
  6. All selections and/or decisions made by Visa in relation to the Offer (including without limitation, the selection of qualifying Eligible Users under the Offer) will be final and conclusive. No enquiries or complaints will be accepted or entertained. Visa will not be obliged to publish the details of qualifying Eligible Users or the selection process.
  7. The Offer is purely promotional in nature and Visa may, at its sole discretion, discontinue the Offer at any time, whether prior to or during the Offer Period, without prior notice.
  8. Visa reserves the absolute right to, at its sole discretion, amend, vary and/or withdraw any of the terms and conditions of the Offer without prior notice. Further, Visa reserves the right to disqualify any users of the Visa Bill Pay service from the Offer, who attempt/seek to receive the Voucher under the Offer by creating false identities or registering under multiple accounts.
  9. Nothing contained herein will, or will be construed to, constitute a contract under the laws of India (including without limitation, the Indian Contract Act, 1872) between Visa, any Eligible User and/or the card issuing banks.
  10. The Offer and these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of India with courts located in Mumbai having exclusive jurisdiction to try any dispute pertaining to the same.
  11. Information about the Offer is correct at the time of publication. Eligible Users can refer to the latest set of Terms and Conditions as available on
  12. In no event will Visa be liable for any losses or damages howsoever arising whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with this Offer, even if Visa has been advised of the possibility of such damages in advance, and all such damages are expressly excluded.
  13. In the event Visa is prevented from continuing with the Offer as contemplated in these terms and conditions by any event beyond its control, including but not limited to accidental damage, fire, flood, natural or manmade or public health epidemic, earthquake, explosion, labour dispute or strike, act of public enemy or equipment failure, riot or civil disturbance, terrorist threat or activity, war (declared or undeclared) or any government law or regulation, order of any court or jurisdiction, or other cause not reasonably within Visa control (each a “Force Majeure” event or occurrence), Visa shall have the right to modify, suspend, extend or even terminate the Offer without any liability.
  14. In administering the Offer, Visa may collect personal information from you and will respect your privacy and safeguard your personal information consistent with the Visa Bill Pay privacy policy.
  15. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions of the Offer and any promotional and marketing materials regarding the Offer, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  16. No claim or participation in the Offer is valid in combination with any other offer or promotion on
  17. Movie vouchers given out as Vouchers under this Offer are to be used as per its terms and before the expiry date mentioned for the movie voucher. Visa makes no warranty or representation regarding the quality of service provided by third party issuer of the movie voucher/s and any issues regarding the quality of service provided, usability of the movie vouchers etc must be directly addressed to and Visa will not entertain claims or complaints in respect of the same.
  18. Information or data of Eligible Users while participating in the Offer shall be accessible by Visa’s service providers and sub-contractors who manage the Offer on Visa’s behalf. It is clarified that the said service providers and sub-contractors will use such information, content or data solely for the purposes of the Offer in the accordance with the terms hereof and that such use shall cease upon the closure/expiration of the Offer in accordance with the terms hereof.
  19. Use of service on is governed by the terms of service as stated on the website,
  20. Participation in this Offer is not open to any employees and/or family members of such employees of, (i) Visa and its affiliates, or (ii) any agencies and/or service providers engaged by Visa for the purposes of this Offer.
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