Create a Cherishable Moment with Fortune & Zee Khana Khazana

Zee Khana Khazana presents Fortune Turning Tables Contest where you can participate and can create an Special Moment for your loved ones
About Contest:
It could be your mom for her homemade cake that helped mend your broken heart or your daadi maa for her special soup that helped you recover from an illness. It could be any family member who showed their love for you through their special homemade food. If you want to say a very special thank you, we will arrange it for you through the magic of Ghar Ka Khana.

How to Participate in the Contest:

The first step is to register your nomination with us. Tell us who you wish to nominate and why. The story you share about the special Ghar Ka Khana moment will play an important role in the selection process. We will pick 10 finalist based on their stories and arrange a special programme on TV. We will help you turn the tables by surprising them with their favourite dish prepared by Zee Khana Khazana chefs on a special cookery show.

fortune turning tables contest

Terms and Conditions:

1. To participate in this contest you will be required to have a legitimate Email ID, be 18
years of age or above and a citizen of India.
2. Participant shall carry valid proof of age and nationality as may be required by AWL.
3. Employees of Fortune or its affiliates, their immediate families, contest organizers, their
employees and immediate families are not eligible to qualify in this contest but
participation is allowed.
4. Entries for Turning Tables will be for the period 22nd September 2014 to 15th October
2014. Entries registered before or after the specified period will not be taken into account.
3. AWL reserves the right to disqualify anyone eligible for participation, which it does not
deem complete in all respects or do not meet with the criteria that AWL may set, at its
own discretion.
4. Qualified contestants for the final show to be telecasted on TV would be invited by email
and/or by other means as Fortune may deem fit. Please note invitations made by AWL
are non-transferable.
5. The decision of AWL across any stage of the Programme would be final and binding.
6. AWL reserves the absolute right to cancel or abandon the Programme and/or to change
the Terms and Conditions contained herein and/or, any other rules and regulations in
respect of the Programme at any time without any notice, without assigning any reason
and without any liability whatsoever. Participants are requested to refer to such Terms
and Conditions, which may be displayed or intimated from time to time.
7. By submitting their entries, the Participant grants AWL, its affiliates and subsidiaries and
their agents an irrevocable right to publish, use, adapt, sell the entry in any way, in
commerce, and in any and all media worldwide, including but not limited to the Internet,
without limitation and without compensation to the Participants. Participant also grants
AWL, irrevocable, nonexclusive and royalty free right and license to use, copy,
reproduce, transfer, modify and/or display any information contained in their entry in
whole or part and in any form without compensation. 8. Shortlisting of entries will be based on the sole discretion of AWL and its affiliate
partners for this activity
9. The Participant should be willing to move to Mumbai for the shoot. AWL will help to
arrange for transport by train and accommodation for the participant.
10. Participants give AWL the right to share their details with the evaluation committee as
well as with any other partner(s) who AWL deems necessary.
11. Participant consents to the application of the laws of India to govern, interpret, and
enforce all rights, duties, and obligations arising from, or relating in any manner to, the
subject matter of this Programme, without regard to conflict of law principles. Any
disputes arising will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ahmedabad only.
12. You release and hold harmless the judges and AWL, its affiliates and subsidiaries
(including its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents and
representatives) from any and all liability for any injuries, loss, claim, action, demand or
damage of any kind rising from or in connection with the Participation. AWL is not
responsible for any problems or technical malfunction including injury or damage to
13. AWL reserves the right in its sole opinion to accept or reject participation.
14. All the intellectual property rights with respect of this Programme shall be the exclusive
property of AWL / affiliate TV channel.
15. During the process of this Programme, the selected participants shall be photographed,
video recorded, tape recorded, etc. as AWL deems fit.
16. AWL shall have the unrestricted and absolute right to use the films / vignettes , their
adaptations, its footage, stills, photographs, audio / video footage, etc prepared during the
17. Participation constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Programme.


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