Click Selfie With your Father & win Zefone2 & Zenpower

He stayed up every night you fell sick, He dodged back and forth admission queues just to get your forms in place, He bargained a good deal for your new cycle! What he truly deserves now, is a little appreciation! For all those times you couldn’t do it, here’s your chance.

This Father’s Day, all we’re asking is for you to dress up just like your dad or someone you look up to and have a selfie taken with them. Easy enough? We’re sure you’re going to have fun doing it!
Sure the perks are going to double up this time. It’s not going to be mere credits but would extend to a ZenPower and Zenfone 2. How cool is that? A selfie alone could get you a brand new Asus product.

click sefie & win Zenfone & zenpower


  • Visit Here Offer Page
  • Make sure you have a ZenTalk user account activated before starting off with the activity.
  • You would need to dress up like your dad or someone you look up to (father figure). Either way, have a selfie taken with them and share it with us in the following thread.
  • Make use of your Asus smartphone to capture your selfie. (Zenfone/PadFone/FonePad series)
  • Make sure you send in a reply along with the selfie. It should be written like this:
    “I used——– (your smartphone) to capture this moment with my father. Happy Father’s Day!’’
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