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Wipro Earthian Foundations Contest Write Nature Stories & Win

Posted by on August,8,2015

We are sure that our children across India have imaginations that are more fertile that the Gangetic Plains…..!! Here’s an invitation to put that amazing imagination to use & come up with a wonderful story about Nature. It could be fact or it could be fiction. It could be about rain clouds ( it is a fact that some of the rain clouds weigh as much as a 100 elephants!) or trees or animals or just about any aspect of the environment that fascinates you and is worthy of a tale. Questions like these pop up ever so often in the minds of most children!

How does a rain cloud, the weight of a 100 elephants stay in the sky?
Are raindrops shaped like raindrops, or are they round?
How does a river find its way to the ocean?

Wide-eyed wonder towards the world around is at its highest during childhood.
The world holds zillions of questions that intrigue & inspire. As an eager young child, this wonder is often articulated in the form of questions, stories, poems, jokes, little notes in a diary, a picture, a painting, an anecdote or just thoughts… earthian Foundations, Wipro’s Sustainability Education Program aims at tapping into this childlike wonder and channelizing it towards a more meaningful connect between students & the environment.

wipro earthia foundations


  • Visit Here Offer Page
  • Click on Submit
  • Fill the form
  • Aamir Khan will write the foreword for the best Hindi nature story
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