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Wipro Earthian Foundations Contest Write Nature Stories & Win

We are sure that our children across India have imaginations that are more fertile that the Gangetic Plains…..!! Here’s an invitation to put that amazing imagination to use & come up with a wonderful story about Nature. It could be fact or it could be fiction. It could be about rain clouds ( it is a fact that some of the rain clouds weigh as much as a 100 elephants!) or trees or animals or just about any aspect of the environment that fascinates you and is worthy of a tale. Questions like these pop up ever so often in the minds of most children!

How does a rain cloud, the weight of a 100 elephants stay in the sky?
Are raindrops shaped like raindrops, or are they round?
How does a river find its way to the ocean?

Wide-eyed wonder towards the world around is at its highest during childhood.
The world holds zillions of questions that intrigue & inspire. As an eager young child, this wonder is often articulated in the form of questions, stories, poems, jokes, little notes in a diary, a picture, a painting, an anecdote or just thoughts… earthian Foundations, Wipro’s Sustainability Education Program aims at tapping into this childlike wonder and channelizing it towards a more meaningful connect between students & the environment.

wipro earthia foundations


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  • Aamir Khan will write the foreword for the best Hindi nature story
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