Collect Choki Choki Game Cards! Free Shiva Bicycle Samples

Show your love to the Shiva, a cartoon character presented by Nickelodeon India. After enjoying the Shiva Contest. Nick team has come up with the concept of free cycle samples. Collect the 30 game cards that come with #ChokiChoki #ChocoCashew. Send the cards to the address given below. In return, you could Win free shiva cycles + shiva sippers and many more!!!


  • Courier the cards to Choki Choki Team, Inbisco India Pvt. Ltd., 304, Town Centre-II, Opp. Times Square, Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai- 400059, with your name, contact no, address etc.

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65 Comments Already

  1. I have a collection Siva choki choki cards please give me a cycle

  2. I have collected 15 shiva power cards

  3. I have collected 15 cards i love to see shiva its amazing please give me cycle my no.9067379155

  4. I have collected all 15th shiva card

  5. Hello I have 30 cards
    I want cycle. What should be the next step?

  6. Me aditya kiran and I have collected 19shiva cards dil se… Plz give me the cycle as a gift… Thanks…

  7. I have. Collected 19 Shiva cards myself aditya kiran from Bramhapur orissa. I am 9years old and I’m at stdiv ..plz give me the cycle as the gift as I have collected all the cards very difficultly…dil se… Plz…. Thanks for gifting me the cycle…

  8. I have 37 shiva power cards. Please give me a cycle. My phone number9816252868

  9. I have 70 cards

  10. Dag, jhalawd, (raj.)

  11. I have collected 20 shiva cards and want to win cycle please i dont have any cycle

  12. I have 15cards

  13. i have different different 30 shiva cards give me cycles

  14. I have collected 15 shiva cards please give me a cycle please

  15. I have all Shiva power cards give me a cycle

  16. I have 26 shiva’ a card my contact number 9212616181

  17. i have 16 shiva ‘ s card plz give me a cycle

  18. I 320 card collect I number is 7978498096

  19. My son mitesh collected 45 contact number 8668333631 so plz contact me

  20. My Son have collected 20 Shiva card

  21. I have collected 30 Shiva cards I want to courier it by chance is it still available plz contact me 9845517109

  22. I also have 15 cards according to tv so plz give me a shiva cycle i want to gift it to my sister

  23. I HAVE 15 CARDS

  24. I have collect 70 cards can you give a cycle contact us -7506106363′ 9167481045

  25. i have collected all 15 shiva cards pls let me know further process.

  26. Please notify me if I get cycle contact me 9008874478

  27. I love Shiva power cards and all episode I have collected 30 cards and sent you through courier can I know wheather I can get Shiva cycle or not


  29. PTA NAHI


  31. How to send this card

  32. Which 30 card ? We shall collect.

  33. My brother love Shiva power card my brother collect 60 Shiva power card

  34. hello choki choki team agar hum shiva card corier kardenge to kya gyarunty he apki office paunchne ke bad humary diya hua card idhar udhar hogayi tho ???

  35. I have 40 cards

  36. I have 40 cards. Phone number 9141809276

  37. I have collect 30 shiva card

  38. how to do

  39. I collect 30 cards pls send me the next proses

  40. I collect 30 cards pls inform me the next proses

  41. My son has collected 30 shiva cards

  42. i have collected all 30 shiva cards

  43. I am collect 30 cards

  44. I am collect shiva 30 cards

  45. My son chrisano have collected 60 shiva cards mobile No 9445364397

  46. My son shiven collect Shiva cards (30) my san delay episodes Shiva looked

  47. I have colected 40 cards my phone no 9489331572

  48. I like shiva cards

  49. I have 75 cards phone no 7075189990 name s.m.d.younus
    Anantapur andrapradesh errnalkotal near gandi statue

  50. my sis kushi collect shiva 30 cards apart from 110 cards contact no 9164786526 adrees .puttur dakshina kannada melmajalu house bannuru ..

  51. I have completed 30 Shiva cards

  52. how to collect 30 cards and then how to play the contest

  53. My son collect 30 cars

  54. My brother Dixit have collected 30 siva cards

  55. I have completed 30 Shiva cards

  56. My son Yuvraj have collected 30
    Shiva cards.
    Pls let me know further information.
    To participate.

  57. I have collected Shiva cards

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