Online Recipe Contest Win Free Gift Voucher Worth Rs 5000

Like Shrey, munch on Wai Wai Ready to Eat Noodles R2E with a chatpata Wai Wai Bhel recipe.Post your own “Munch” Recipe and win gift voucher worth Rs.5000 Recipes should compulsorily contain Wai Wai noodles in uncooked form. Other garnishing ingredients added to the recipe can be in cooked form.Online Recipe Contest to win freebie. To submit, entries must be in English or Hindi and include a complete list of ingredients, preparation directions, pan sizes, cooking time and temperature, and serving directions participate now to win.

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  1. whats wrong with you page none of the links are working i tried for organic harvest, loreal face revitalising, oline receipe contest none are working. ;( 🙁

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