Boro Plus Annoying As Pimple Contest & Win Gift Voucher

Boro Plus Face wash presenting a contest take a part of this contest and win exiting gift voucher, cash prize and more. how to participate this contest so simple tell us what is that one thing in your life that is as annoying as a pimple , give your answer on comment section below, and share it your friend to increase your chances. Very few things in life are as annoying as a pimple. Tell us about them & you could take home exciting #GiftVouchers, contest time is 15th Nov to 17th Nov 2017. so come fast before offer is ending.


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2 Comments Already

  1. My life is as complicate as my pimple. You want that glowing flawless and scars free skin but never wants to eat properly, have a healthy lifestyle. Similarly I want to achieve much goals in my life but everytime when I boost myself it becomes useless after some times. Reason for both the situation is (((LAZINESS))) know coming to the main point traffic pollution dust sudden change of environment are the things which is hell like pimples. Like is so struggling for the middle class family. The problem is father’s salary is not sufficient for you to get the things of your choice. I don’t know what the shit I’m writing over here but I’m really pissed off.???

  2. Insects! Mosquitoes, fly, etc. Just buzzing up anywhere anytime ruining everything and the whole day. No matter how many traps or all out you put up. They still somehow find a way. You are sleeping with your blanket and then in the middle of the night all you keep hearing is buzzzz near your face and you wake up with scratches and insect bites. You are eating out and there it is again. Ugh!!

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