Christmas Online Contest & Get Win Free Voucher Sample Rs. 10,000

With great friends come amazing stories, tag that friend who has been there for you throughout and share the good deed done by them. The most deserving friend stands a chance to win vouchers worth INR 10,000. Contest begins on 13th December 2017 and ends on 18th December 2017. Follow the Ashiana Homes Facebook page to stay updated on all the contest alerts.Go to any one of the contest posts and tag the person you want to nominate starting ‘I am nominating ____’.Then share the good deed done by your friend this year, along with the Name and Email Id of the nominee via Direct Message or email, at Once you’re done, share the post through your Facebook profile. Don’t forget to use the #SantasGoodList hashtag in your post. 3 winners will get amazon vouchers 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 Amazon vouchers to first, second and third winner respectively.8ab36064fc90f320e97764a22c262194.png

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