Get A Kwiknic Nicotine Gum Sample For Free

Whenever you feel the urge to use tobacco, pop a Kwiknic instead. It’s as easy as that. Keep in mind though, while Kwiknic is a chewing gum, it’s no ordinary one. Want to try and grab it for free

Follow the chewing instructions below to get the most out of each piece.


  • KwikNic 4mg – As per Doctor’s prescription.
  • KwikNic 2mg – The table below gives recommended dosage.

• Not for minors
• Avoid eating & drinking for 15 minutes before and during chewing of KWIKNIC
• Do not use removable dentures while chewing KWIKNIC
• Don’t chew too fast • Don’t chew more than one piece at a time
• Don’t chew one piece too soon after another

! ! Limited Period Samples Offer ! !

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