Highest Paying Free Recharge Website of 2014 – Fcall.in

Hello, Friends Today I am sharing with you a very good site which pays you more that other recharge sites.

I am sharing website what pays double yes 4 paisa for each SMS. the site is www.fcall.in which is famous for free call they are now providing Free Recharge also there payment plans is :

1. 4 paisa for sending SMS
2. 3 paisa for playing Quiz
3. 2 paisa for playing True/false
4, 1 paisa for playing poll
5. Rs.1 for Inviting Friends

There are also other good feature in Fcall.in :

460 chars SMS
free calls of upto 4 minutes
DND check (without CAPTCHA)
Track IP
Track Mobile

Hope You liked my post.

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