WeChat FnR (Friends n Rewards) Recharge Offer-2 FAQ

FnR (Friends n Rewards) Recharge Offer-2 FAQ

Q1: How do I get free recharge in the FnR2 (Friends n Rewards Offer-2) from WeChat?

Dear User,

Just follow these easy steps:

– Open WeChat on your phone or Install WeChat on your phone and register with an Indian mobile number.

– The offer period is between 1-SEP-2014 to 20-SEP-2014. A user is supposed to do two activities to win talktime.

– Between 1-SEP-2014 and 10-SEP-2014, Just do a free voice or video call of minimum 1 minute duration with your friends on WeChat daily at least once a day.

– Between 11-SEP-2014 and 20-SEP-2014, Just send a sticker every day to any Group Chat having a minimum of 3 friends at least once a day.


Team WeChat

Q2: How much recharge can I win from participating in this offer?

Dear User,

You can win a maximum of Rs.150 and a minimum of Rs.10 by participating in the offer. The more the number of days you participate, the more the recharge you can win.
Depending on the date you start participating in the Friends n Rewards program, you’ll get an initial balance between Rs.10 to Rs.150/- If you continue to participate in rewards program and keep doing activity on the all days henceforth, you’ll get the recharge amount equivalent to your initial joining recharge balance. In case you miss a day, your recharge balance would be deducted as per the table below.

wechat free recharge freinds rewards offer

Q3: What is the duration of recharge offer?

The FnR-2 (Friends n Rewards-2) offer on WeChat is from 1-SEP-2014 to 20-SEP-2014.

The accumulated recharge can be redeemed only between 22-SEP-2014 to 28-SEP-2014. In case you’ve any queries, or your recharge failed, we request you to wait till 28-SEP-2014.

Q4: How do I make a free voice or video call?

You can click on “+” icon on top right, select your friend’s name to make a Free voice call. In any chat with your friend, you can click on “+” icon to show options – where you can click on “Video call” to make a Video call.

Q5: How long should the daily voice/video call be for me to complete the activity during 1st Sept – 10th Sept?

You should make at least one voice or video call of minimum 1 minute duration per day to be eligible for winning recharge.

Q6: Where do I find Stickers/What are stickers ?

Stickers are only available in Sticker Gallery on WeChat. You can download them from Sticker Gallery.

Q7: How many stickers should I send in a day to win recharge?

You should send at least one sticker per day in a Group of atleast 3 friends.

Q8: What happens if I miss a day of the activity in this offer? Do I start from scratch again?

As long as you participate for even a single day, you’ll get a certain minimum talktime.

Between 1-SEP-2014 to 10-SEP-2014, you’ve to use Voice/Video call of minimum 1 minute duration daily. Between 11-SEP-2014 to 20-SEP-2014, you’ve to use stickers in a Group chat of minimum 3 members. So it doesn’t matter even if you miss a day.

Obviously, the more the number of days you participate, the more recharge you can win – which can go maximum upto Rs. 150/- if activity is done for all 20 days of participation.

Q9. Is this offer available to Blackberry or Symbian users?

We’re sorry but this offer is valid only for Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Blackberry phone users.

Q10: Is exchanging stickers in a one-to-one chat with a friend also counted?

Sorry, Stickers sent only to a Group of at least 3 friends will be eligible for the FnR recharge offer.

Q11. How can i check my accumulated recharge balance?

Dear User,

You need to go to WeChat team official account >> click on “Recharge” in the bottom bar>> “My balance”. Thanks

Q12. I have made Voice/Video calls and sent stickers to my friends on Group Chat. When will I receive my recharge?

– Click on “Recharge” in the bottom bar>> “My balance”

– After clicking on “My Balance” you will get an automated response. Click on that and you’ll be redirected to the redemption page.

You’d be required to fill your phone number, mobile operator and prepaid/postpaid status to get free recharge.

– In case you face any issues, please wait till 22-SEP-14 as we will continue to retry to recharge your number from the backend.

– If you still face any issues related to recharge after 22-SEP-14, you can write to us on WeChat team official account on WeChat. However, since we get millions of queries from our WeChat users daily, the manual response may be slightly delayed.

Q13. When can I redeem my accumulated balance?

The accumulated recharge can be redeemed between 22-SEP-2014 and 28-SEP-2014.

Q14. My recharge has failed. What should I do?

In case your recharge has failed due to any reason, please be patient. We will start processing failure cases after 28th September.

If the recharge has failed due to incorrect details, we are sorry we’ll not be able to process your recharge.

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